Legal evaluation

Eazyliens Team

Eazyliens is a network/directory of qualified medical professionals who specialize in med/legal evaluations and treatments for personal injury and workers' compensation cases on a lien basis.

Our exclusive healthcare providers offer a practical approach assuring the very best in medical care with immediate attention and excellent patient care. All offices are independently owned and operated, with well trained staff.

Healthcare providers in our network facilitate proper medical reports and evaluation documentation for personal injury cases on lien and are ALWAYS negotiable.

Eazyliens will always be FREE for attorneys to use, no signup or login will be necessary. There is no cost to the attorney, no commission, and no hidden fee.

Eazyliens was created to facilitate locating a health care provider to accommodate all clients medical needs.

All appointments can be conveniently scheduled through us. Attorney sends us client demographics and health care provider chosen. Healthcare provider will contact the client directly to accomodate the best date and time for appointment. We will then send attorney appointment confirmation. If client misses more than two appointments, we notify the attorney.

Detailed reports should be completed and sent to the attorney within two weeks of patient discharge.